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Welcome to the official campaign site of Amy Mastin for Judge, your source of information for upcoming events, my personal history, professional background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website; you will find all the information you need to know why I, Amy Mastin, am the only candidate qualified to earn your vote for Family Court, Department M.


What I bring to the table (bench):

  • 23 years of serving the families of Clark County

  • Six years ago, I was appointed by the District Court Judges to be a Hearing Master, a judicial officer who serves at the discretion of the District Court Judges.

  • I presided over Clark County's civil Domestic Violence Court until April, 2020 and now I hear child support establishment and enforcement cases:

    • My DV court heard upwards of 8,000 domestic violence cases per year in a County with one of the highest domestic homicide rates in the country

    • In my 6+ years with the Court, the DV Department grew from full time Hearing Master to three.

    • This appointment conferred the unfortunate title of "Master Mastin" upon me! 

  • I was in private practice for 10 years, focused exclusively on Family Law cases: divorce, custody, guardianship, adoption.​

    • My name was one of a handful provided to Foster Parents ready to finalize the adoption of their foster children.  My role as a "Foster Parent adoption attorney" was among my favorite during my career.

  • I worked for the Clark County District Attorney's Office, juvenile division, prosecuting child welfare cases, protecting the most vulnerable among us.  

    • In law school, I planned on working for the Public Defender's Office; I never imagined working for the DA!  

  • My legal career started in 1996 working as a Family Court law clerk for retired Family Court Judge Gerald Hardcastle.

    • While Judge Hardcastle may have had a reputation for being a little grumpy, he is also regarded as one of the brightest, most prepared, fairest judges, of the highest integrity.​

    • Throughout my career I have striven to emulate his work ethic and the honor he brought to the bench.

    • (Although I have adopted a less intimidating judicial demeanor and have much better hair.  He would agree.)​​

  • In 2019, I was one of three attorneys referred to Governor Sisolak by the Judicial Selection Committee for appointment to a District Court vacancy.​

    • For my application, I was tasked with identifying five of my most significant cases and recalling what made them my most memorable.  I loved that challenge; it is an opportunity to reflect upon what I have loved about my career. ​

    • The cases each represent something beautiful about humanity in a process that is too often about people at their least beautiful.

    • Click below to read a brief synopsis of these memorable cases and get a sense of my passion for families and Family Law.​

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On a personal note:

Why Family Court?

I started law school the single parent of a four-month old daughter.  To even get to that point, I fought a custody battle that shaped my future in two critical ways: 1) Winning custody meant I could move closer to my family to attend law school.  I knew I needed their help if I was going to be successful; and, 2) The impact of my attorney's effort on my life was one I wanted to make on the life of others.  Thus began my future in Family Law.

So, I have been an unmarried mother, have been divorced,  have a stepson, have a good relationship with the father of my children and a challenging one with my stepson's mother.  I have personally and professionally learned to navigate the gamut of Family Court issues.  You would be surprised how valuable that experience to the job of a Family Court Judge.

P.S.  My daughter now teaches middle school science in Las Vegas and her husband is a juvenile probation officer, completing his Master's in Social Work.  I am proud my legacy of public service will carry on.


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